Regulations for Compensation in Hotel Hercegovina



It is possible to cancel the reservation without compensation 14 days before check in date. For reservations canceled less than 14 days before check in date, hotel keeps the right of compesation of 50 % from total amount of the reservation.

In case no show guest our hotel keeps right of charging the total reservation.

In case of modification the reservation and contacting hotel in less than 14 days before check in date, hotel keeps right to charge compesantion 50 % from total reservation.


GROUP RESERVATION (more than 10 person)

Compensation in case of canceling the group

Confirmed groups must cancel their reservation in written form. Group is 10 persons and more which organisly use accomdodations and other services in the hotel. Confirmed group is the one which hotel already charged advance and which has agreed with condition of using hotel services.

Advance is charged in the amount of 20 % of total reservation, right after confirming the reservation.Group can cancel confirmed reservation 28 days before check in day.

If group cancels in period from 14-28 days before check in day, hotel keeps the right to charge compensation in amount of 50 % of the reservation.

If group cancels in period less than 14 days before check in hotel will charge 80 % of the reservation.


Compensation in other cases

Hotel has right to remove persons which have suspicious behavior and unacceptable behavior from hotel unit. If hotel values that behavior or/and taken actions from the guest or group will jeopardize normal work of hotel, safety of other guests and hotel's object and employees or image of hotel, hotel remains the right to remove that guest or group from hotel and that guests do not have any kind of compensation from hotel.

In case of any kind of damage made from the guest, hotel keep the right of charging the compensation established under the managment procideengs and valuation of made damage.

If reservation is canceled because of death case or skin diseases/infection diseases, guest or individuals from group with valid evidence, hotel will not charge for that reservation.